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Swing Trade the Stock Market with Confidence

 Using our Daily Market Research & Trade Alerts

Our strategy is designed for the trader who wants to be active in the stock market without any day trading or staring at screens all day.

The trades we make fall into two categories.

The first, are quick multi-day setups that last about 2 to 4 trading days, generally utilizing leveraged bull and bear ETFs.

3 Day TQQQ Reversal Trade +5.66% or +2.08R

Swing Trade Alerts TQQQ Reversal

6 Day USLV Breakout Trade +5.66% or +3.73R

Swing Trade Alerts USLV_Breakout


The second category of trades, are slightly longer term, multi-week patterns, taken on leading stocks with an average hold time of 2 to 4 weeks.  

7 Day P Breakout Trade +10.50% or +1.85R

Swing Trade Alerts P_8_5

2 Month XLU Pullback Trade +8.49% or +1.98R

Swing Trade Alerts XLU_Monthly

The shorter term tactical trades allow us to react quickly to changing market conditions, serve as great hedges when necessary, and add additional upside leverage during the strongest market environments.

The longer term swings, are designed to pull bigger gains out of established market leaders. 

Do we have losing trades? Absolutely, about 45% of the time. We don't show any here, but trust us, nearly half of the time we do. The key is keeping them small and contained, which we do a great job at.

The types of patterns we swing trade are classic:

  • Breakouts
  • Pullbacks
  • Reversals

But we don't just trade these setups blindly.

We've developed our own unique breadth cycles indicator to objectively classify the health of the market environment.

This makes our process highly systematic as direction, exposure, and market expectations are all determined by our breadth cycles.

You can read more about how our cycles work here, but here is an example of our short-term breadth cycle overlaid on the SPY throughout 2016:


So what else makes us different?

We really trade.

This isn't just a watch list service filled with general "buy above this level" recommendations, you will get all of our swing trades in real time and with exact fills.

We make about 10 to 20 swing trades every month, and all of our entries are placed at the end of the trading day.

We see ourselves as a great fit for:

  • Traders who want to learn a repeatable process with a profitable track record.
  • Traders who work full time jobs or don't want to stare at screens all day.
  • Traders who don't have a 25K account for PDT rule.
  • Traders who want to diversify their trading with our end of day signals.
  • Traders who want a second set of eyes for spotting trade opportunities.

If you are looking for a way to get rich quick, or never take a losing trade again, then sorry, we're not the solution for you.

Here's a look at our performance since we began offering swing alerts in 2015.

Notice we do have losing months and periods of draw-down, but overall it's contained, and our equity curve trends up and to the right.


Swing Trade Alerts Performance

Jan 2015 - Dec 2016

*Assumes a risk of 1% per trade modeled on a $50K account*

Swing Trade Alert Performance Month to Month Table

For more detailed performance information and to view individual trades, please visit our performance page.


 Member Testimonials

testimonial image of member get trade alerts and market analysis

          -Matthew Pepin

"Evan provides me the cool-calm-collected thought process that I need in volatile markets. His free information was helpful, but his premium service is where you get his well thought out trade alerts. Working a full time job, I don’t have the time to do all the research needed to be consistent. Evan's alerts make it easy for me to punch in the trades at work. Just don’t tell my boss ;-)"

"Evan's personal mentoring and availability via email greatly improved my trading and helped me get most out my trades. Couldn't have asked for a better wingman to watch my tail as I tackle ETFs intraday and then take his swing trades near end of the day."

            -Rahim Akbar


-Peter Chen

"I have been following Evan’s service for more than 4 months and the result have been more than satisfactory and so to speak, very profitable.

Evan’s daily commentary helps navigate through the market changes and assess one’s trading plan when to get aggressive and when to be conservative.

I would recommend Evan’s service to all my friends interested in stock trading. For traders looking for momentum, Evan’s service is definitely the one to go for. "

Hopefully we've done a good job at describing how we trade and what we're all about at The Trade Risk.

If you're someone looking to learn the ins and outs of a repeatable and consistent swing trading framework, then you're in the right place.

If your someone who just wants to use us to save time, alert you of quality setups, and keep you defensive during market pullbacks, then we have a great discounted membership option for you.  

My name is Evan, I work hard to deliver a quality service, and if you have any questions at all, please contact me directly and let's have a conversation.

Our signals membership is designed for traders who only want swing trade alerts and end of day market summaries without any in depth daily market commentary, trade recaps, and education.

Our premium membership is designed for traders who want a full educational experience with all of our thoughts, analysis, and understanding of every decision that we make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you trade options? 

We do not trade options. All of our swing trade alerts are issued on stocks only. But we do have options traders that subscribe to us for signals and express the trades using options on their own.

Q: Do you short?

Yes! We trade liquid inverse ETFs for our short exposure to eliminate company specific overnight risk and to allow full participation from retirement accounts. 

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. There is no commitment to stay and you don't need to contact anyone to cancel. All of your account management options are available to you when you are signed in.  

Q: How are the trade alerts delivered? 

By default, all members receive swing trade alerts, market analysis, and end of day trading summaries by e-mail. You may also choose to receive trade alerts by SMS text.