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Who we are

The Trade Risk is a financial media company that publishes research and analysis about the stock market and specializes in trading education.

What we do

We analyze the stock market through the lens of technical analysis and build quantitative trading tools, scans, and strategies for traders.

How we invest

We follow multiple trading systems to invest in the stock market based on price action analysis and the factors of momentum, mean reversion, and growth.

What we do for learners

We've published over 1,000 articles on our blog. Our most popular long-form trading education lessons can be found in our Learning Center.

Our YouTube channel has 500+ videos containing in-depth weekly market analysis, actionable trade ideas, and educational lessons.

We publish a free weekly email newsletter where we package up our best content, include some unique ideas, and send it out on weekends to prepare you for the trading week ahead.

For traders who want to participate in the trading strategies we use ourselves, there are signal memberships available.  We've also built a comprehensive library of Worden TC2000 stock scans & indicators available for download.

Meet Evan Medeiros

Evan Medeiros is the founder of The Trade Risk, a financial media company specializing in technical analysis and trading education. With 20 years of coding experience and a B.S. in computer science, Evan brings a systematic discipline to trading the stock market. Evan began actively trading in 2009 and started publicly journaling his research and analysis in 2012, which paved the way to starting the Trade Risk to inform and support others navigating markets. Over the course of his time as a trader educator, he has helped thousands of traders achieve greater results.

Evan has organized monthly trader meetup groups all over the country and has written over 1,000 articles and recorded hundreds of hours of video on trading, market analysis, and education. Given his impact in the trading community, Evan has been identified by Stocktwits as a "Suggested and Recommended" follower and is a frequent speaker at the Northwest Traders & Technical Analysts group.

When he’s not at his desk staring at charts, you can usually find him at a nearby coffee shop or walking his not-always-friendly half lab, half retriever pup around the neighborhood.

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