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All of our trading systems were built with three goals in mind


Everyone can passively index into the S&P500 or 60/40 portfolio for no cost. If we're going to actively trade then we need to do better than that.


The worst part about buy & hold indexing is the 60%+ drawdowns! To us, that is unacceptable, which is why our systems protect against the downside.


No intraday babysitting is required. Trade with a busy schedule, once a day any time after the market closes.

In order to maximize our chances of achieving these goals each and every year, we're going to want to trade multiple uncorrelated trading systems. Let's explore why.

Diversify across strategies, time-frames, and trading universes

Each of our trading systems is designed to stand by itself and competitively compound returns while managing downside risks. However, since the buy and sell rules of each system are completely different from one another, and so are the time frames and stocks they trade, they are more robust when grouped together. Check out the following table:

Measurement Lamorak Merlin Galahad
Average Hold TimeDaysWeeksMonths
Activity LevelVery ActiveModerateLow
Trade UniverseLarge CapsAll stocks + ETFsETFs only
MethodologyMean ReversionDip BuyingTrend Following

Better together: Smoothing out the lows

We can see above what the differences between each trading system are, now let's look at actual returns to illustrate an important point:

Month Merlin Lamorak 50/50 Blend
November 2016+9.12%-3.75%+2.68%
March 2020-7.38%+12.48%+2.55%
September 2020-1.32%+7.99%+3.33%

Notice in each of these months, we saw one trading system perform exceptionally well while the other trading system wasn’t so strong. Of course, if you were "all in" on the strong system, you were very happy, but the point is, you will never know which is going to be strong ahead of time, so the optimal strategy is to allocate to both.

By trading both systems, you can see in all of these cases, the 50/50 blend produces a more even-keeled return stream and prevents extreme ups and downs. This is reflected in our two trading system examples, but when you include a third system, smoothness improves even better.

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Trade like a professional and adapt to changing market conditions when you follow multiple unique trading systems

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  • Reduce your maximum drawdowns 
  • Enjoy more positive performing months
  • Reduce your portfolio volatility
  • Improve your Sharpe ratio
  • Enjoy more peace of mind

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