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The Importance of Following a Rules-based Trading Framework

By Evan Medeiros | 9:17 am October 28, 2021 |

We at the Trade Risk are big believers in rules-based investing. Everything we do — from the way we analyze markets; build scans, trading tools, and quantitative systems — are all based on having rules. Throughout this article we’re going to make the case for why that’s so important and why you, too, should be…


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Trading Systems Performance for December 2023

Below is a performance summary for our fully rules-based trading systems for the month of December 2023. To learn more about these systems and to follow along in real-time with their signals, check out our Trading Systems page.

TC2000’s New Personal Criteria Formula (PCF) Features | Functions, Parameters, Tags, & Comments

TC2000 just released a new version of the software centered around their personal criteria formula (PCF) syntax. In this video, Evan walks through some of the new features including functions, parameters, tags, comments, and how you can get up and running using all of this in your own formulas.

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