If you are a trader just starting out, or are not achieving the results you want, I can help.

Books, blogs, and YouTube videos are all fantastic educational resources so long as you have sufficient market experience and context to put the ideas to work. From my experience, most slightly-losing to break-even traders are much closer than they realize to achieving consistent trading profits. 

The issue for traders is that it can be very difficult to self-identify these roadblocks given how immersive trading and self education can be. This is why hiring a mentor to talk through your process can be the best way to break through the current barriers holding you back.

What you'll get

I’ll work with you one-on-one and offer objective advice to help accelerate your learning curve and save you months, if not years, of trial and error and costly investment mistakes.

My goal is to ask tough and revealing questions, poke holes in existing processes, and ultimately leave you more confident than you started.

My specialty is swing trading, and if you just want a deep dive into the systems I trade, that's great! But I also have lots of experience with various types of intraday strategies, tactical asset allocations, algorithmic trading, and much more.

You’ll come away with a handful of new ideas and perspectives to build on top of and try on your own.

What clients say

Evan provides me the cool-calm-collected thought process that I need in volatile markets. His free information was helpful, but his premium service is where you get his well thought out trade alerts. Working a full time job, I don’t have the time to do all the research needed to be consistent. Evan's alerts make it easy for me to punch in the trades at work. Just don’t tell my boss 😉


Evan's personal mentoring and availability via email greatly improved my trading and helped me get most out my trades. Couldn't have asked for a better wingman to watch my tail as I tackle ETFs intraday and then take his swing trades near end of the day.


I have been following Evan’s service for more than 4 months and the result have been more than satisfactory and so to speak, very profitable. Evan’s daily commentary helps navigate through the market changes and assess one’s trading plan when to get aggressive and when to be conservative.

I would recommend Evan’s service to all my friends interested in stock trading. For traders looking for momentum, Evan’s service is definitely the one to go for.


About Evan

I've been coding for 20 years and formerly worked as a software developer for nearly a decade before transitioning full time to financial markets. I have B.S. in Computer Science and have been actively investing for over 10 years.

Organizes trader meetup groups in the Greater Seattle area.

Written over 1,000 articles and recorded hundreds of hours of video on trading, market analysis, and education.

Recognized by StockTwits as a Suggested and Recommended follower.

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How it works

Fill out the form below and explain where you are with your trading, what you’re looking to achieve, and where you want to be. Based on that I will put together a plan of action of how I think I can help you and what specifically we will work on to get you where you want to be. If you are satisfied with my proposal, choose from one of the following consulting formats:

Skype Conversation

Via voice and screenshare.

Trade Review

Your recent trades discussed together.

Recorded Video

Q&A or topic based on your preference.

In-Person Meeting

If you're in the Greater Seattle area.

Please keep in mind

The goal of the consultation is to discuss the technicals involved in trading, types of strategies, entry criteria, exit conditions, helpful tools and indicators, psychology, and the pros and cons and trade-offs of everything in between. 

The Trade Risk and Evan Medeiros are not financial advisors, and will not advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter. 

Gain a fresh perspective!

To begin, simply fill out the following form and Evan will get back to you as soon as possible.


New trader consultation

$300 for 90 minutes of live discussion or 60 minutes of recorded video.  All traders must start with this introductory session.

Extra consulting hours

Additional hours can be purchased for $200 for 60 minutes of live discussion or 45 minutes of recorded video.


Consulting Inquiry

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