Do you need TC2000 scan or indicator support?

Hire Evan for custom TC2000 EasyScan PCF coding

I've been creating stock scans, custom indicators and trading tools for over 10 years and I've worked with hundreds of traders over this time to build custom solutions based on their needs. 

I am a Worden TC2000 expert and I can build you the scan, indicator, layout, or custom watchlist that you're looking for.  

Here's how it works

  • Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible including specific time-frames, look-back periods, rules, etc.

  • Evan will review the request and estimate the total cost and delivery time.

  • Once the code is complete Evan will provide you the output so you can verify the solution fits what you are looking for.

  • Upon your approval and payment, code will be delivered to you along with setup instructions.

About Evan Medeiros

Trader, coder, & educator

I've been coding for 20 years and formerly worked as a software developer for nearly a decade before transitioning full time to financial markets. I have B.S. in Computer Science and have been actively investing for over 12 years.

Built hundreds of scans & indicators in TC2000 for personal use and trader requests.

Written over 1,000 articles and recorded hundreds of hours of video on trading, market analysis, and education.

Recognized by StockTwits as a Suggested and Recommended follower.

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What clients say

Evan is an absolute pro with writing scanning codes for TC2000, I have engaged his services on two occasions now to scan specific market conditions that suit my trading setups, these codes have worked with terrific accuracy and have cut down hours of searching the markets to now only 30 minutes a day.

Quick, professional & reliable, I have no hesitation in recommending Evan for any TC2000 coding requirements no matter how complexed your trading setups may be.


Just wanted to thank you for all your assistance with the coding challenges I had and for your knowledge of TC2000.

You have been very attentive and professional all along the way. I will be recommending your service to anyone I know who needs this assistance and I'm sure I'll be hiring you again in the future.


Custom coding pricing

Projects and their typical associated costs are presented below for your information, but it is recommended you fill out the Coding Inquiry form below and discuss with Evan where your specific project fits before purchasing packages yourself.

All packages include:

  • Custom development
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Source code delivery
  • Setup instructions
  • Email support

Please note: Package I is the minimum cost for custom coding.

Custom Coding Package I

$ 179
  • 1 to 2 basic TC2000 scans

Custom Coding Package II

$ 299
  • Includes 1 of the following
  • Advanced TC2000 Scans
  • Custom indicator development
  • Custom Layouts and charts

Custom Coding Package III

$ 799+
  • Includes 1 of the following
  • Multiple advanced TC2000 scans
  • Larger coding requests
  • Extensive testing time

To get started, fill out the form below.