Dow Jones Industrial Average Crosses 20,000

Image of Dow Jones Industrial Average Crosses 20000
Today is a historic day for the stock market as the Dow Jones Industrial Average crosses 20,000 for the first time ever.

What does the Dow Jones Hitting 20,000 Mean?

It means the stock market, in general, is healthy and continues in its trend higher.

We’ve been in a multi-year bull market for a quite a while now and that environment hasn’t changed, and is still here to stay.

What Do We Do Now That The Dow Jones Hit 20,000?


If you’re an active trader that watches the market every day then you know this is just another number. Dow 20,000 is just as significant as Dow 20,004.

Whatever strategy or allocation you’re running, shouldn’t suddenly change just because we crossed this big round number.

So WHy make a big deal out of Dow 20,000?

If you don’t actively watch markets, big round number days like today are what the average person sees spill into their daily news digest.

I know this first hand because I’ve already received multiple texts from friends and family today that don’t normally message me about the stock market.

It’s also a time to reflect on where we’ve come from.

It was only a little over 5 years when we trading at Dow 10,000 and taking a moment to reflect on the markets path, perhaps own trading path, and everything in between, is why we make a big deal out of Dow 20,000.

I originally had a bunch of other charts and technical jargon I was going to throw in here, but let’s just keep things light today, and celebrate the relatively meaningless, yet historic Dow 20,000.

Happy trading.

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