Your high beta analysis for monday

$SPY Have to be bullish here given Fridays action. The bears surely probed the downside in the morning but a strong rally off the lows and close at the highs negates all or most of the bears effort. Might need to go sideways here a bit at 158.8ish resistance but MM gets us back near highs.


$AAPL I like this pattern here and I think longs can nibble along these lows here around 430. You have a clear line in the sand below Fridays lows and the 61.8 retrace as your stop however be aware of a possible headfake break below and a sharp reversal back up Monday morning. Apple internals on friday showed some good buying at the lows but then again who knows what to believe on opex day. I am holding some options long overnight looking for a move back up to the 437s and then the larger range of 460-470 on a break above that.


$GOOG looks good here. It’s flagging out nicely after the last push higher on Wednesday but it is approaching some short term resistance here. Break above these pivot highs should ignite a move higher but be aware google reports earnings this thursday so all your technicals can go out the window. Further support of a move higher would be some short covering ahead of ER.


$NFLX large gap up on Friday but it was rejected hard right off the open as it traded back down to the recent breakout area of 172. I do like netflix around these levels but I think the timing may be a little off. Given the hard rejection of higher prices Monday I wouldn’t be surprised to see it break back below 172 and possibly retest 165s before attempting higher again. Smaller more immediate range is 172-174.


$FB seems to be carving out a new range up here. Rolling over a bit after putting in a double top at $28 but it’s catching a bid here in the lower 27s. Doesn’t interest me a whole lot at this point, needs some time to firm up.


$AMZN trend much? Been on fire this week and it can’t seem to get to it’s old highs fast enough. There is some reasonable resistance not seen here about 276-278 and given the straight line trajectory higher this week I would say that resistance area should bring this train to a halt. Doesn’t interest me too much given it’s approaching larger resistance but it still could be good for another $5 or so.






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