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Insights to further develop your trading skills whether you're just starting out or have been around the candlesticks for a while.

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Trading 101

5 Lessons

Get acquainted with the basics! 

Whether you are brand new to trading or have a little experience, it's important to build a strong foundation of principles before moving on to the more advanced topics. Start here and work your way up.

Stock Selection

3 Lessons

You can be the most talented trader in the world, but if you're wasting those skills on stocks that are not "in play", or worse, moving in the wrong direction, it won't matter. 

Learn how to find leading stocks and the names you care about for your watch-list.

Trading Strategy

11 Lessons

Everyone's favorite set of articles.

We cover lots, including: how to create trading strategies; emphasizing your edge; the nuts and bolts of entries, exits, trade management; and lots more. There are a million ways to develop profitable strategies, so take our ideas and get creative.

Trading Psychology

3 Lessons

Succesful trading isn't only about reading charts and building strategies. It's the mental side of the equation that helps us reliably execute on our rules day in and day out. 

Learn the lessons on us, before you have to learn them the hard way.

Risk Management

2 Lessons

You can't be a profitable trader (for long) without risk management. This is an easy topic to glaze over, but I assure you it's one of the most important modules here.

A trader's job is to manage risk, first and foremost.

Trading Wisdom

6 Lessons

My personal favorite module where we reflect on controversial trading topics, general tips and advice, and lots more.

These are the types of posts I wish I was exposed to when I was just starting out. 

Trading Books

If you're looking for more trading education to get your hands on, we've put together a recommended reading list just for you. 

The following page lists the most influential and helpful books I've read throughout my career.

Trading Resources

Wondering who our favorite brokers are? Want a page that lists out all the websites, tools, and charting software we use and love? 

The Trading Resources page is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to profit trading stocks.

Trade Risk Strategy

Learn the complete swing trading framework that we trade every day. Get the exact strategy rules, philosophy, scans, examples, and much more. 

We've done all the research, and we show the track record to prove it.

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