The Merlin Trading System

Merlin is a fully rules-based trading system designed to help you swing trade stocks and ETFs over a multi-week time horizon so that you can achieve strong risk-adjusted market returns.

Measurement Merlin Margin 60/40 Buy & Hold Portfolio
Compound Annual Growth Rate+17.86%+6.72%
Largest 3 Drawdowns-25.83%, -22.10%, -17.60%-32.57%, -22.78%, -21.70%
Sharpe Ratio1.080.59
MAR Ratio0.690.21
Correlation to 60/40 Portfolio0.46Benchmark

Measurement definitions. Margin portfolio invests up to 150% at times, see Performance Disclosures: Portfolio Statistics

Merlin performance

  • Compound Annual Growth Rate: +17.86%
  • Largest 3 Drawdowns: -25.83%, -22.10%, -17.60%
  • Sharpe Ratio: 1.08
  • MAR Ratio: 0.69
  • Correlation to 60/40 Portfolio: 0.46

Measurement definitions. Merlin invests up to 150% at times, see Performance Disclosures: Portfolio Statistics

(Margin portfolio invests up to 150% at times, see Performance Disclosures: Equity Curve)

How trading with Merlin works

When you subscribe to the Merlin Trading System Membership, you'll receive daily trade reports with all of the information you need to follow the system with ease.

All you need to do is log in once a day, anytime after the market closes, to review the latest trade signals and member-only pages. Most traders spend 5-minutes or less per day on average reviewing the trade reports and placing Merlin orders.

Get to know Merlin by reviewing its month-by-month performance

You are in control of the trade size you take for each signal. Want higher returns? You can choose to risk more per trade. Want smaller drawdowns? Dial the size back. These are the portfolio returns of the default margin portfolio position sizing algorithm, which will invest up to 150% at times, see Performance Disclosures: Monthly Performance.


Click on any of the links in the table below to read our performance letter from that month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Merlin is right for you if you're someone who

  • Wants to invest using a professional research-driven trading system

  • Wants to beat the returns of buy and hold with lower drawdowns

  • Has a large account size and wants to grow and protect it

  • Enjoys trading less & holding leading stocks + ETFs for big moves

Monthly Membership

$99 / per month
  • Member-only dashboard
  • Daily trade reports
  • Position size calculator
  • BONUS: TR150 watchlist

Annual Membership

$990 / per year
  • Member-only dashboard
  • Daily trade reports
  • Position size calculator
  • BONUS: TR150 watchlist
  • Get 2 months free choosing annual!

Please note: bonus TR150 Watchlist access is granted to active Merlin Trading System memberships. Cancellation of your Merlin membership will revoke TR150 Watchlist access. Looking for a trial before you commit? Test drive our Merlin and Lamorak trading systems 14-days, for just $1. No auto-enrollment and no strings attached. Sign up here


Please be advised that trade signals are provided as an educational tool for informational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. Signals, trading tools, and all published analysis should always be used as a starting point for doing additional independent research so that you can form your own opinion regarding investments. Under no circumstances should trade alerts be treated as financial advice.