1 Hour Custom Coding


Get your own custom TC2000 EasyScan, NinjaTrader indicator, or XLQ spreadsheet coded for you. Just let Evan know what you’re looking for so he can confirm the job.

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Get your own scans and indicators coded on TC2000, NinjaTrader, or Excel XLQ platforms.

I’ve created trading assistance software and custom indicators designed to support active traders. If you have trade ideas that need testing, scans to find stocks, or scripts to help you trade, I can help.

Before purchasing, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and deliver in detail all of the rules/requirements along with examples of what you are looking for to ensure Evan understands clearly what you would like to be coded.

Please note, delivery can take up to 2 weeks from purchase and jobs are billed by the development hours it takes to complete. Most straightforward EasyScans can be completed in  1 hour.