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Tune into the Smarter Trading podcast every week to hear the Trade Risk's Evan Medeiros chat with professional traders as they share practical advice, tips, and insights on investing in the stock market.


Smarter Trading Episode 2 - Suri Duddella

Mastering stock market chart patterns with Suri Duddella

By Evan Medeiros | 9:28 am May 3, 2021

Smarter Trading Podcast Episode 2 Suri Duddella joins us in Episode 2 of Smarter Trading to share his knowledge about stock market chart patterns and how he uses automation to find the best available setups. We discuss the dangers traders can run into of self-identifying chart patterns without the proper understanding of their structure and…

Smarter Trading Episode 1 - Patrick Walker

Quit day trading! Focus on price, volume, and daily charts with Patrick Walker

By Evan Medeiros | 9:26 am April 26, 2021

Smarter Trading Podcast Episode 1 Patrick Walker joins us in Episode 1 of Smarter Trading to share his 30+ years of insights as a technical trader in the stock market. About Patrick Walker Patrick is the founder of Mission Winners. He has had the privilege of meeting and learning from legendary traders like: Martin Zweig,…

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Introducing the Smarter Trading Podcast

By Evan Medeiros | 9:28 am April 19, 2021

Today we’re really excited to announce a brand new podcast that is going to be kicking off next week, called Smarter Trading. Smarter trading is a fairly classic interview style show where Evan sits down with professional traders that live and breathe financial markets every day, and in most cases have been doing it for…