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Stock Market Weekly is your ticket to the most important trends, price action, and noteworthy moves across financial markets.


The most important moves, charts, and studies from the week.


We cover the volatility trends and term-structure.


Performance across asset classes stacked and ranked.


Tracking where capital is flowing across financial markets.


Custom studies to track breadth across market indices and sectors.


Bar-by-bar price action analysis measuring and mapping key support and resistance areas.


Get an inside view of how Trade Risk's systems are positioned for the week ahead.


Custom scans to identify noteworthy sectors and industries you need to be watching.


Individual stocks and coverage from our premium custom scans.

What is Stock Market Weekly?

Stock Market Weekly is the Trade Risk's longest running video series published every Friday by founder Evan Medeiros. The series has over a half million total views from traders who tune in for no-nonsense objective analysis.

Evan curates the important moves and objectively lays out the bull and bear cases so you can form your own opinions for the week ahead. 

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Who is Evan?

Evan is the founder of the Trade Risk. With 20+ years of coding experience and a B.S. in computer science, Evan brings a data driven approach to investing in the stock market. He has helped tens of thousands of traders achieve greater results through market analysis videos, long-form education, coding tutorials, and a whole lot more. 

Read his full bio here

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What can Stock Market Weekly do for you?

There's way too much noise out there across financial markets for any one person to keep track of. Even if you are glued to your screens all week, how do you know what's important to focus on and what's not?

Let veteran trader Evan Medeiros curate the most important headlines, trends, and developing moves to keep you informed and prepared for the week ahead. 

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See what our Trade Risk community is saying

"Evan, great job as always. I've watched these recaps religiously every weekend for the past 3+ years. Thank you!"

@Yasin Abdulla

"Constructive and pleasant to watch, the channel name says it all–risk in every trade–your views provide me to make informed moves."


"Happy to see your subscriber base and viewership growing. You have put in solid work here for quite some time. Hopefully it is starting to pay off for you. I have always enjoyed your analysis. Keep up the good work!"

@Daniel Chernobieff

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SMW a trade alert service?

Stock Market Weekly is not a trading system or trade alert service. Evan will not tell you what to buy or what to do.

Evan's job is to present the relevant and important data points so that we can all make more informed decisions. Sometimes the data will very strongly stack in one direction (bullish or bearish) and so the takeaways will be straightforward, however, it will always be your choice on what action you may or may not want to take given your time-frame, experience, and risk tolerance.

As a reminder, Evan and the Trade Risk LLC are not registered investment advisors. Please review our site disclaimer which applies to the analysis published in Stock Market Weekly.

Who is SMW best suited for?

If you are actively making investing or trading decisions in the stock market then SMW can help you.

Evan has no agenda or bias on which direction you trade. His job is to present the relevant and important market data points so that you are better prepared to manage your trades.

US equity markets are the focus of the show but expect additional coverage on major commodity and fixed-income markets.

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