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Welcome to Trade Risk's tutorial and guides page for all things Worden TC2000. If you're looking to get more out of the software, then you're in the right place.

The latest version of TC2000 V23 is out now

View our first impressions and be sure to sign up to get beta access.

Master the basics with our platform tutorials

Learn about the new v23 unique data sets that score stocks based on TC2000 server load.

Watch tutorial | 15-minute lesson

Get more efficient in organizing your stocks with the brand-new v23 watchlist manager.

Watch tutorial | 11-minute lesson

These are fundamental elements in TC2000 and it's important you understand how they work.

Watch tutorial | 21-minute lesson

Learn to organize, move, and display up to 8 different drawing boards across your charts.

Watch tutorial | 19-minute lesson

Learn how to set up basic and advanced alerts using prices, trendlines, and custom conditions.

Watch tutorial | 21-minute lesson

Check out all of the new features in the latest Version 23 of Worden TC2000.

Watch tutorial | 22-minute overview

For traders who may not have a TC2000 subscription or just want a high-level overview.

Watch tutorial | 39-minute review

Learn how to save time pinning indicators to the side of your chart for easy recall.

Watch tutorial | 2-minute quick tip

Learn how to set up conditional colors to paint your price bars & indicators specific colors.

Watch tutorial | 8-minute lesson

Learn to scan for stocks and write PCF code

Check out the latest upgrades to personal criteria formulas: functions, parameters, tags & more.

Watch tutorial | 25-minute lesson

Learn step-by-step how to scan for swing trade setups by writing simple PCF code.

Watch tutorial | 16-minute lesson

Learn step-by-step how to scan for breakout setups by writing simple PCF code.

Watch tutorial | 33-minute lesson

Point-and-click scanning is powerful in TC2000 and we teach you how.

Watch tutorial | 34-minute lesson

Take your trading to the next level with our scans and indicators built for TC2000

Browse our selection of scans, indicators, and layouts ready for you to download and start using right now. Free and paid options are available. Level up your trading game today!

Scans and Indicators - Home Page

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