Trading Performance

Swing Trading Performance & Trade History

Below you will find our complete trading performance and history of every trade we have taken in our swing trade alert service

Performance data starts in January 2015 at our service inception. The results on this page reflect the exact trades (entries/exits) subscribers receive as alerts in real-time.

The Trade Risk Trading Performance Graphs

For more information about our Growth & Aggressive performance please reference the following document:

TTR Performance & History V1

Trade Walkthroughs - Winners & Losers

Below you will find video recaps from a few of the trades listed above. These overviews are a reflection of the day to day analysis we share in real-time with members and should give you more insight into our trade setups and management process.

It's important to see the losing trades as well, so you will find samples of both winners and losers below.

Breakout Trade - STLD [+10.25%]

Reversal Trade - CDW [-4.40%]

Reversal Trade - BABA [+5.30%]

Pullback Trade - CREE [-3.75%]

Reversal Trade - TMF [+6.93%]

Pullback Trade - TXT [-2.94%]

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