Trading Performance

Swing Trading Service Performance

Below you will find our historical trading performance for the swing trade alert service. The dollar amounts shown below reflect a 1% risk per trade on a $50,000 model trading account calculated before commissions.

Performance data starts in January 2015 at our service inception. These are the results of the exact trades (entries/exits) subscribers receive as alerts in real-time.

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Jan 2015 - July 2017

Trading Performance Monthly Returns to July 2017*Each data point reflects account values on the last day of the month*

Trading Performance Month to Month Table

Want bigger returns? Simple. Risk more per trade and use margin. Just remember to expect larger drawdowns.

Past Trade Examples - Winners & Losers

Below you will find video recaps from past trades subscribers and I have participated in. These overviews are a reflection of the day to day analysis we share in real-time with members and should give you more insight into our trade setups and management process.

I believe it's important to see the losing trades as well, so you will find samples of both winners and losers below.

Reversal Trade - CDW [-4.40%]

Reversal Trade - BABA [+5.30%]

Reversal Trade - TMF [+6.93%]

Pullback Trade - TXT [-2.94%]

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