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Swing Trading Performance & Trade History

Below you will find the complete trading performance and history of every trade taken in our swing trade alert service

Performance data starts in January 2015 at our service inception. The results on this page reflect the exact trades (entries/exits) subscribers receive as "trade alerts".

The Trade Risk Swing Trade Alerts Performance Jan 2015 to Dec 2018

General Strategy Statistics

  • Average Trades Per Month: 15
  • Average Winning Trade: +3.97%
  • Average Losing Trade: -2.49%
  • Percentage of Winners: 44.37%
  • Correlation to SPY: 0.36
  • Numbers include slippage (aka buying at the ask, & paying few cents over BUY/SELL STOP triggers).
  • All trades are on the long side, short exposure is taken using inverse ETFs.

Moderate and aggressive portfolios take the same signals they just use different position sizes. Traders can scale this return profile lower (use less size) or higher (using options or margin) to fit their desired risk profile.

Average Annual Returns
(2015 - 2018)
Average Risk Per Trade0.70%1.05%N/A
Largest 3 Drawdowns
(2015 - 2018)

TTR Trade Performance & History Dec 2015 to 2018


Past Trade Examples

Tactical GRUB Breakout

The Trade Risk Swing Trade Tactical Grub Breakout

Core UNG Reversal

The Trade risk Swing Trade Core UNG Reversal

Weekly RUN Pullback

The Trade Risk Swing Trade Weekly RUN Pullback

Core WMT Reversal

The Trade Risk Swing Trade Core WMT Reversal

Tactical TQQQ Reversal

The Trade Risk Swing Trade Tactical TQQQ Reversal

Tactical BMRN Reversal

The Trade Risk Swing Trade BRM Tactical Breakout

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