Trading Resources

All of the websites, brokers, software, and content that we at the Trade Risk use or consume on a daily basis.

Nothing below is a direct recommendation and some URLs may contain affiliate links.

Trading Brokers


Robinhood's easy to use mobile interface and zero cost commission structure makes this a great beginner friendly broker for all traders to get started with. 

Interactive Brokers

Professional broker with an attractive commission structure and more sophisticated options for charting and research, algorithmic trading, managed accounts, and more.

Charting Platforms

Worden TC2000

Our go-to platform for charting, maintaining watch-lists, and especially scanning for stocks. Very flexible and powerful software and they're now a full service broker.


A large collection of chart types, indicators, breadth data, market tools, and loads more. Easy to use and widely adopted.


Most recognized for their free screening tools, a great lightweight browser option for building watchlists and finding stocks.


A web-based charting platform with loads of indicators and data feeds at your fingertips. I mostly use this for cryptocurrencies but it's just as powerful for stocks and other data sets. 

Quantitative Tools & Resources


This is one of the core platforms we conduct backtests and research on. It is built on top of the Microsoft C# language and provides a great framework for analyzing strategies. 

Norgate Data

Our go-to source for high quality survivorship bias free stock market data. This is what we use for all of our testing, research, and strategy development.

Trading Websites

All free resources

Portfolio Visualizer

Great free resource for backtesting portfolio allocations, correlations, and simple timing models.

Nasdaq Economic Calendar

At a glance check in on the potential market-moving events and reports scheduled for the week ahead.

Index Indicators

Great pre-built charts and easy to use site that I primarily reference for breadth and put/call data.


There’s no better place to get breaking news and information on a stock than the ticker stream on Stocktwits. Also a great place to follow and curate a stream of experienced traders.

Short Squeeze

Our go-to source for finding out how many shares of a stocks float are held by short-sellers.

Investors Business Daily

Blending together market fundamentals, news, and events, with technicals, IBD is one of my favorite spots for idea generation and staying up to date with market moving catalysts.

Trading & Investing Blogs

McClellan Oscillator

Tom’s research and market observations are unique and always offer a great perspective and food for thought. Be sure to check in on the McClellan Oscillator statistics while you’re there.

trading resources website - howard lindzon

Howard Lindzon's Blog

Daily market insights and observations from Howard Lindzon, the co-founder of Stocktwits, early-stage investor, and public markets trend follower.

trading resources website - abnormal returns

Abnormal Returns

Tadas Viskanta aggregates together the top articles from all around the financial blogosphere and delivers daily and weekly roundups of only the good stuff.

trading resources website - avc

Fred Wilson's Blog 

Long-term and highly regarded VC Fred Wilson writes a daily blog with his thoughts and observations about technology, markets, and early-stage investing.

Trading Podcasts

Smarter Trading

Hosted by Evan Medeiros where he interviews a wide range of professional traders to help us all trade smarter.

Invest Like the Best

Hosted by Patrick O'Shaughnessy where he interviews some of the brightest professional investors in the business.

The Meb Feber Show

Hosted by Meb Feber where he interviews professional investors, VCs, and money managers.

Chat with Traders

Hosted by Aaron Fifield who interviews successful traders specialized in a wide variety of trading strategies.

Better System Trader

Hosted by Andrew Swanscott who interviews quantitative traders that have successfully built out automated trading systems.

The Investors Podcast

Hosted by Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson where they discuss influential investing books, host live interviews and cover sound investing principles.

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