There are three core questions you need to ask yourself every time you place a trade...

Is this the ideal market environment for my strategy/setup?

Am I confident this specific stock is one of the best opportunities available?

What is the exact amount of risk I should allocate to this trade?

To help answer these questions in a repeatable and reliable fashion, we've developed a set of automated trading tools that will help save you time and trade more profitably. Find out more about them below.


Market Health Dashboard (MHD)

The MHD systematically measures the trend, momentum, and breadth in the major averages and provides a reliable and objective read on the health of the market environment at all times.

It will shout warnings of overbought conditions, stretched markets, divergences between breadth and price action and lots more easy-to-miss, yet important, stats. 

It will even give suggested portfolio exposures which are dynamic to market conditions to keep you on the right side of the market at all times.

This dashboard is the perfect resource to check in on once a day to make sure you aren't missing anything that could impact your strategy. 


Qualified Stocks List

Also known as a ”leadership list,” it is a weekly hand-curated list of stocks based initially on some scan conditions: 

  • Strong technical performance
  • Positive 6-month absolute momentum
  • Minimum 300k average volume
  • 500M+ in market cap

and then followed by a discretionary overlay from Evan to kick out stocks that are overextended or have significant overhead supply. 

If you're looking for a consistent source of new quality trade ideas and setups, then look no further.

During healthy market environments, this list has 100+ names on it and gets updated every Sunday night. 


Position Size Calculator

This isn't your basic (stop - entry) = position size calculator. 

This calculator is a bit more sophisticated as it is fully customizable for the individual trader's risk tolerance and account size and aggregates together multiple measures of risk factors so that you can size your trades quickly and accurately.

An absolute time saver and a must-have resource. 

Sleep better at night knowing you have a meaningful yet responsible allocation in your trades.

Take any of our trading tools for a 10-day free trial.

If you are not satisfied, you can easily cancel on your own and not be charged a dime.

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