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Lamorak is a tactical multi-day swing trading system.

Merlin patiently holds stocks for multiple weeks at a time.

Both trading systems tend to enter positions on pullbacks within a primary trend. 


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Merlin Win Rate

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How trading with us works

  • 1 Log in to the members dashboard after the market close to read commentary from Evan and view the latest trade signals.
  • 2 Place orders with your broker anytime that night or pre-market the next day.
  • 3 You're all done! No intraday screen watching is required.
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When you start your trial you'll get access to both the Merlin and Lamorak trading systems. The've both historically produced very similar returns, but how they buy and sell stocks are very different from one another.

Use your $1 trial to find your new favorite trading solution.

Merlin Lamorak - About

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