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Trade two unique systems

Lamorak is a tactical multi-day swing trading system.

Merlin patiently holds stocks for multiple weeks at a time.

Both Merlin and Lamorak generate high winning percentage over their respective timeframes.


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Merlin Win Rate

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How trading with us works

  • 1 Log in to the members dashboard after the market close to read commentary from Evan and view the latest trade signals.
  • 2 Place orders with your broker anytime that night or pre-market the next day.
  • 3 You're all done! No intraday screen watching is required.
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Find the right strategy for you

When you start your trial you'll get access to both the Merlin and Lamorak trading systems. Both produce strong risk-adjusted returns, but how they buy and sell stocks are very different from one another.

Use your $1 trial to find your new favorite trading strategy.

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