The Lamorak Trading System

Lamorak is a fully rules-based trading system that tactically trades large-cap stocks for multi-day swing trades.

Gain your tactical long/short swing trading edge with Lamorak

Average Lamorak Trading System
Trades per year328
% winning trades63.76%
Size of winners2.29%
Win-to-loss ratio0.81
Hold time4 trading days

Based on 5,897 live and historically simulated trades between 2006 to 2024. See Performance Disclosures: Portfolio Statistics.

Lamorak is our most dynamic trading system. It executes trades frequently, capitalizing on small market inefficiencies on the long and short side with an average hold time of just 4 days.

What type of trader are you?

Hands on discretionary

Let Lamorak act as your starting point for consistent decision-making. Pick and choose the signals that make sense to you and then make the trades your own.

Hands off system follower

Lamorak isn't just firing off random trade signals — it was designed to be a complete portfolio solution. You can sit back, relax, and easily manage your entire account using it.

Take charge or let Lamorak do the work — either way, you're on the path to hit your trading goals.

Get to know Lamorak a little better

How Lamorak trades

Lamorak is a long/short algorithm that uses volatility to its advantage by placing mean-reversion trades when stocks have moved too far and too fast in one direction.

It's unlike most trading strategies because it does not rely on strong uptrends to make money. 

All signals are generated using daily prices after the market closes.

Live trade examples

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Annual Membership

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