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The Trade Risk is open to sponsorships and partnering with other companies to achieve our mission of educating traders and helping everyone make responsible, rules-based, decisions.

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The Trade Risk is a trusted independent financial media company that has been publishing high quality trading and investing education to the self-directed retail investor for nearly 10 years.

We want to make trading education accessible to all, while ensuring people trade responsibly. If your company has a similar mission, let's work together!

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Sponsor our weekly market analysis videos

Have your product or company featured in our weekly market analysis videos published to 20,000+ YouTube subscribers. This is our longest running series that is designed to help traders stay up-to-date on the current state of financial markets.

What's offered: 25-45 second ad read for your product/service with links included in the description of the video.

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Sponsor our Smarter Trading podcast

In this educational podcast, Evan interviews a wide range of professional traders who bring unique experiences to the show. Your message will be heard by traders of all skill levels and approaches to markets.

What's offered: multiple packages available, including 25-45 second scripted ad reads, links included in the descriptions, "sponsored by" mentions in the episode blog post and weekly email newsletter.

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Sponsor our weekly trading newsletter

Our well-established newsletter has over 2,000 engaged investors, who are eager to stay up-to-date on markets and optimize their trading skills. The newsletter is delivered weekly on Saturday mornings.

What's offered: dedicated section in our newsletter which includes an image and 2 to 3 sentences with links to your product or service.

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