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We've been helping traders navigate the stock market since 2012. We specialize in technical analysis on a swing trading time-frame and we love building tools, scans, and systems for traders to automate their trading process.

What you can expect

Real market research

We don't take things for granted. We write code, build models, and find actionable insights.

Premium Education

Trading is hard enough as it is. We believe everyone should have access to free high-quality education.

Strategies that work

All of our strategies have been professionally researched, stress tested, and built for the long-term.

Friendly support

We've been doing this for a long time — in person and online. Helping traders is important to us.

Transparent performance

Why follow a strategy if you can't see how it performs? We publish performance reports every single month.

A real trader

Evan Medeiros is the trader and founder behind the Trade Risk, publishing trades and education since 2012.


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The Trade Risk - 32+ Learning Lessons

We put education first

We have a growing library of article and video lessons on trade strategy, risk management, scanning for stocks, and lots more.

The Trade Risk - 32+ Learning Lessons
The Trade Risk - Trade Video Mockup

New market analysis and trade ideas weekly

Looking for the latest market analysis and trading ideas? We publish new videos every week so you never miss the important moves.

The Trade Risk - Merlin Trading Strategy

Discover trading systems

Our flagship system named Merlin, is a quantitative swing trading strategy developed by The Trade Risk for trading individual stocks & ETFs.

The Trade Risk - Merlin Trading Strategy

Download TC2000 scans and indicators

As the leading third-party developers for Worden TC2000, we can take your trading to the next level. Visit the shop today.

The Trade Risk - TR150 Collage

Explore the TR150 Watchlist

Every trader needs a list of quality "in play" stocks with high future return potential. The TR150 watchlist brings you that list each and every week.

The Trade Risk - TR150 Collage

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