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Grow your account with a focus on risk management

Invest confidently in stocks and ETFs with the help of our fully rules-based trading systems.

  • Easy to follow trades
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Merlin Lamorak - Home Page
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Get the most out of your TC2000 trading software

We are the leading third-party developers for Worden TC2000 and we have over 30 scans and indicators ready to refine your market timing and uncover the best trade ideas.

Everything you need to succeed as a trader

Stock Market Weekly

Don't miss out on the latest noteworthy moves across financial markets.

Learning Center

30+ guides, articles, and resources to help improve your trading skills.

Position Size Calculator

An absolute time saver and a must-have resource for all swing and position traders.

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Discover market leading stocks you might be missing

Every trader needs a list of quality "in play" stocks with high future return potential. The TR150 watchlist brings you that list each and every week.

TR150 - Trade Risk Homepage

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