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Tactical Price Momentum

Tactical Price Momentum is a highly quantitative swing trading strategy developed by The Trade Risk for trading individual stocks & ETFs. It uses daily closing prices for all buy and sell decisions and no intraday screen watching is required.
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TC2000 EasyScans

If you're a Worden TC2000 user then you've got to check out the prebuilt EasyScans we have available for download. Get exact PCF code and video setup instructions to a variety of targeted stock scans. Free and premium scans available.
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Custom Coding Solutions

If you have trade ideas that need testing, custom scans to find stocks, or scripts to help you trade, Evan can code you a solution. Worden TC2000, NinjaTrader, or XLQ requests only please.
$300 per month

Trading Tools

Bring a systematic foundation to your trading process by leveraging automated trading tools specialized in position sizing, stock selection, and market environment analysis.
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The latest insights from our blog

The latest insights from our blog

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