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We build trading systems designed to outperform traditional buy & hold portfolios while enjoying smaller drawdowns.

What makes trading with us different


Our trading systems are 100% rules-based and have been stress-tested on decades of historical market data. No emotions or gut feelings here.


Our trading systems are designed to be easy for you to trade — just 10 minutes or less per day!


Transparent performance reports published every single month for you to judge yourself.

Choose the trading solution right for you

Merlin Trading System

  • Buys stocks that are pulling back within long-term uptrends
  • Trades the TR150 Leadership watchlist and equity ETFs
  • Long-only trade signals
  • Does best in healthy bullish market environments

Merlin average trade hold time:

36 trading days

Merlin win percentage:


Merlin average winner size (%)


Lamorak Trading System

  • Short-term mean-reversion trading system
  • Trades large cap Nasdaq 100 and S&P 100 stocks
  • Long and short trade signals
  • Does best in choppy volatile market environments

Lamorak average trade hold time:

4 trading days

Lamorak win percentage:


Lamorak average winner size (%)


All Access: Merlin + Lamorak

Trade both systems together to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Smaller drawdowns
  • More positive performing months
  • Lower portfolio volatility
  • Membership savings
Merlin Strategy - Merlin X Lamorak

Merlin is best for

Traders who want strong risk-adjusted returns but don't want to trade actively.

Traders who don't mind sitting through short-term pullbacks to capture bigger market moves.

Lamorak is best for

Traders who like to capture quick overnight edges and trade actively.

Traders who want a system that will also sell short stocks to profit from volatility.

Results updated monthly

The most important question you need to ask yourself when you're shopping trading systems, is how have they performed? We publish track records going back 15+ years and update them every single month, with commentary, so you can get a complete picture of what to expect as a subscriber.

MeasurementMerlin SystemLamorak System60/40 Buy & Hold Portfolio
Compound Annual Growth Rate+20.85%+19.86%+8.36%
Largest 3 Drawdowns-23.98%, -17.60%, -14.70%-22.11%, -17.97%, -12.89%-32.57%, -22.70%, -11.89%
Sharpe Ratio1.291.430.80
MAR Ratio 0.820.920.23
Correlation to 60/40 Portfolio0.430.10Benchmark

This is just one table of performance metrics but we have a lot more details for you to dig into on the performance page.

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