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  • Fully rules-based trading systems that have been rigorously tested on decades of historical market data

  • Professionally engineered to handle new and changing market conditions

  • Transparent performance reports published every single month for you to judge yourself

Merlin is best for

Traders who want strong risk-adjusted returns but don't want to trade actively.

Traders who don't mind sitting through short-term pullbacks to capture bigger market moves.

Lamorak is best for

Traders who like to capture quick overnight edges and trade actively.

Traders who want a system that will also sell short stocks to profit from volatility.

Merlin Trading Strategy

  • Buys pullbacks within long-term uptrends
  • Trades the TR150 Leadership watchlist and equity ETFs
  • Long-only trade signals
  • Does best in healthy bullish market environments

Win percentage:


Average trade hold time:

47 days

Lamorak Trading Strategy

  • Buys short-term dips and sells short-term rips
  • Trades large cap Nasdaq 100 & S&P 100 stocks
  • Long and short trade signals
  • Does best in choppy volatile market environments

Win percentage:


Average trade hold time:

4 days

Merlin Strategy - Merlin X Lamorak

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