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It’s time to drop buy and hold portfolios and their large painful drawdowns

And pick yourself up a rules-based trading system that adapts to changing market conditions and manages risk.


Merlin Trading System

Merlin is a medium-term swing trading system that buys stocks and ETFs that are pulling back within long-term uptrends. Its average hold time is 33 trading days and the system performs best in bullish market environments.

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Lamorak Trading System

Lamorak is a short-term mean-reversion trading system that trades large cap Nasdaq 100 and S&P 100 stocks with an average hold time of just 4 trading days. Lamorak performs best in choppy volatile market environments.

All Access: Merlin + Lamorak Systems

The most powerful trading combination is our All Access Membership which combines the signals from both Merlin and Lamorak trading systems together in one single portfolio. Because both systems are uncorrelated from one another, trading them together unlocks a handful of important benefits:

  • Smaller portfolio drawdowns
  • More positive performing months
  • Reduced portfolio volatility
  • Significant membership savings
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Want to see how everything works first hand? Get started today with our $1 introductory trial offer. We also have a performance page with track records going back 15+ years and update them every single month, with commentary, so you can get a complete picture of what to expect when you subscribe to one of our trading systems.