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Merlin Trading SystemLamorak Trading SystemGalahad Trading System
DescriptionMedium-term swing trading system that buys dips within uptrendsShort-term mean-reversion trading systemPermanent portfolio with a trend following overlay
Trading UniverseAll US stocks + a basket of index & sector ETFsNasdaq 100 and S&P 100 stocks onlyVOO IEI IAU FBTC IBIT TQQQ TMF ETFs only
DirectionLong onlyLong and shortLong only
Average number of trades per year9030020
Maximum number of positions possibly held at once20 to 30127
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No emotion to clutter up good objective trade decisions. Flawless execution every single time.

Evidence Based

No gut feeling guru calls. All trade signals are grounded in real market research.

Unique + Different

No trading platitudes here, in fact, these systems break most conventional trading wisdom.

Performance Information

MeasurementMerlin SystemLamorak SystemGalahad System60/40 Buy & Hold Portfolio
Start Date of Measurements2006200620182006
Compound Annual Growth Rate+16.31%+17.35%+23.14%+7.28%
Largest 3 Drawdowns-36.57%, -22.10%, -17.60%-18.80%, -14.34%, -13.01%-23.62%, -19.50%, -15.60%-32.57%, -22.78%, -21.70%
Sharpe Ratio0.981.230.990.62
MAR Ratio 0.450.920.980.21
Correlation to 60/40 Portfolio0.460.130.64Benchmark

All three trading systems will use margin and/or leveraged ETFs. Merlin and Lamorak will invest up to 150% at times and Galahad up to 130%. See Performance Disclosures: Portfolio Statistics.

All trading systems compound returns at similar rates, but the market environments they historically do well in tend to be different from one another. Also, notice the low correlation Lamorak has with a traditional 60/40 portfolio.

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