The Trade Risk Index

Our best trading systems together in one simplified index

What's in the index?

The Trade Risk Index represents the aggregate performance of all publicly run trading systems on the Trade Risk. 

  • The Merlin trading system patiently holds stocks for multiple weeks at a time
  • The Lamorak trading system is a tactical long/short swing trading system
  • The Galahad trading system trend follows a basket of ETFs for large moves

How is it constructed?

Think of the Trade Risk Index as a single account that trades multiple strategies at the same time, but instead of having just one pool of capital for all strategies, we designate buckets of cash to each trading system. This allows us to track the performance of each system and perform rebalances to make sure each system maintains a representative and meaningful weight in the index.

Why create an index?

Our goal is to maximize risk-adjusted returns over the long haul and there's no better way to achieve those goals than by combining multiple independent trading systems together into one portfolio. Each system makes buy and sell decisions completely independent from one another which helps diversify exposure and adapt to changing market conditions.

Want to get access to the Trade Risk Index?

Our trial membership is packed with education and more details of how each trading system works. You'll also get a chance to see trades in real time, review open positions, and read commentary from Evan after the market close each day.