Wish You Had a Fast, Reliable Way to

Tell When the Stock Market is Healthy?

Find out in Seconds with the Market Health Dashboard.

Market Health Dashboard V2.1

How Does It Work?

We systematically, analyze, score, and combine 3 unique market factors to determine our market outlooks.

  • Trend
  • Momentum
  • Breadth

An outlook is calculated for 2 different time-frames.

Market Health Dashboard Equation

How Does This Help Us Trade?

The dashboard shows us exactly what is going on in the markets and sets our expectations for the days and weeks to come. 

Market context can be a crucial determining factor for deciding when to take a trade setup or even when to turn on or execute on a certain system.


Who Is It For?

If you make active buy and sell decisions in the stock market then our dashboard is designed for you.

Day, swing, and position traders can all benefit from knowing the dominant market direction and insights from our intelligent notification center.

The Market Health Dashboard is no longer offered as a stand-alone resource for traders. The logic has been adapted and integrated into our Merlin trading system.