TC2000 Bear Retest of the 50 SMA


The TC2000 Bear Retest of the 50 SMA finds stocks in strong primary downtrends that are bouncing into key bearish levels of interest.


The TC2000 Bear Retest of the 50 SMA scan is a fantastic way to spot stocks bouncing into medium-term potential resistance levels, offering lower-risk entry points to short stocks in strong downtrends.

How does it work

This scan keeps things classic and finds stocks that meet three core criteria:

  1. The 50-period simple moving average has been falling consistently for 2 months+ ensuring the primary trend is lower
  2. The stock has been consistently trading below its declining 50-period simple moving average
  3. The high of today is piercing the 50 SMA for the first time in 2 months+

The key distinctions are that the 50 SMA has been consistently declining and the re-test occurring today is the first test of the moving average in a long time. This ensures the stocks returned by this scan are not a long list of names chopping sideways above and below the 50 SMA.

TC2000 Bear Retest of 50SMA - Example Scan Result


  • Purchase includes exact PCF code and setup instructions
  • Purchase includes additional recommended scan criteria:
    • Minimum daily volume
    • Minimum dollar per share
  • Can be used on all versions of TC2000
  • Can be used on any time-frame
  • Can be combined with other criteria to improve accuracy

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