TC2000 Strong Close Heavy Volume


The TC2000 Strong Close Heavy Volume scan is a bullish scan that shows you stocks making meaningful moves.


The TC2000 strong close heavy volume scan returns noteworthy stocks that you’re going to want to have on your watchlist if you are looking for long setups.

How this screener works

Time to get back to basics. Some of the most important criteria to ask yourself when analyzing a stock chart are:

  • Where did the stock close within its range?
  • How much volume was traded compared to the stock’s average?
  • How much movement was there compared to the stock’s average?

The TC2000 strong close heavy volume scan returns a list of stocks that are making stand-out moves in all three of those conditions.

  • Strong close at the top of its range
  • Heavy volume compared to average
  • A large above average-range bar

It’s important to note, this scan won’t always just return breakout stocks, it is just as likely to return stocks reversing sharply from lows within a downtrend.

In a nutshell, this is a scan that shows you stocks that you want to pay attention to if you are bullish.

Scan features

  • Purchase includes exact PCF code and setup instructions
  • Purchase includes additional recommended scan criteria:
    • Average daily volume
    • Minimum price per share
  • Can be used on all versions of TC2000
  • Can be used on any time-frame
  • Can be combined with other criteria to improve accuracy
  • Stack the odds in your favor by using this scan against our weekly curated TR150 watchlist

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Please note: all sales are final. This is an instant digital download and you will receive the source code immediately upon purchase. We encourage you to contact us prior to check out if you have any questions about this scan or if you would like to see the latest stock results. Thank you for your understanding!

Bundle offer

Get a discount when you purchase this Strong Close Heavy Volume Scan and its bear version equivalent in the Meaningful Close with Heavy Volume Scans Bundle package.

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