Worden TC2000 Support


Hire us to answer your Worden TC2000 platform questions: workspaces, layouts, scans, indicators, charts — we are experts.



If you need technical assistance getting set up with Worden TC2000, including layout arrangement, creating watchlists, moving charts, or anything related to platform usability, then we can help.

Why choose us for TC2000 Support

  • We are traders and real users of the software first and foremost
  • Worden TC2000 subscribers for nearly a decade
  • We are the leading third-party developer for PCF language
  • Friendly live chat and screen-share over Zoom to solve your questions together

We do not offer TC2000 help for

  • System connection or data issues
  • Anything broker related including:
    • Placing orders
    • Order ticket questions
    • Options

Common TC2000 solutions we solve

  • Arranging and customizing workspaces and layouts
  • Building custom charts with the indicators and properties you want to see
  • Custom watchlist columns
  • Custom alert conditions so you get notified when the market movement you want to see happens

How TC2000 Support works

  • Upon purchase you will download a digital ticket to schedule your 1-hour support session
  • Sessions are conducted over Zoom, microphone, and live video if you prefer
  • Support session will last up to 60-minutes or until all of your questions have been answered

Any questions before purchasing? Contact us.

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