The Roundtable Portfolio

Trade Risk's premier solution for maximizing long-term risk-adjusted stock market returns

Introducing the Roundtable Portfolio

The Roundtable Portfolio invests across all three of Trade Risk's trading systems:

  • The Merlin trading system: a patient swing trading system that buys dips in stock and ETFs
  • The Lamorak trading system: a fast mean-reversion long/short swing trading system that trades large-cap stocks
  • The Galahad trading system: a long-term trend-following trading system that trades ETFs exclusively

How the portfolio is constructed

Think of the Roundtable Portfolio as your primary trading account that holds all your capital. Instead of trading directly in that account, you delegate buckets of capital to sub-accounts that each trade a different strategy. 

Roundtable Portfolio - Image displaying portfolio structure

That's exactly how we structure the Roundtable Portfolio which allows us to track the performance of each system individually and perform rebalances periodically to make sure each system maintains its target weight in the portfolio.

The benefits of a portfolio approach

Each individual trading system is designed to stand by itself and competitively compound returns while managing downside risks, so if you resonate with just one of our systems, then, by all means, stick with that one.

Because each trading system has different buy and sell rules, time-frames, and holding periods, the market environments each is expected to outperform and underperform in are unique. By choosing to invest in all three trading systems, a trader will increase their odds of staying in sync with the market environment and enjoy less portfolio volatility.

Roundtable Portfolio - Image displaying various trading system equity curve paths

Why you should choose the Roundtable Portfolio

If your primary goal is to maximize risk-adjusted returns over the long haul then there's no better way to achieve that goal than by bringing multiple independent trading systems together into one portfolio. What does it really mean to have better risk-adjusted returns? We see it as:

  • Smaller maximum drawdowns
  • More positive performing months
  • Reduction in portfolio volatility
  • Improvement in your Sharpe ratio
  • More peace of mind

Save over 50% when you subscribe to our Roundtable Portfolio

(as compared to signing up for each system individually)

Roundtable Monthly

$129 / per month
  • 3 unique trading systems
  • Long and short signals
  • Member-only pages
  • Daily trade reports
  • Position size calculator
  • BONUS: TR150 watchlist

Roundtable Annual

$1,290 / per year
  • 3 unique trading systems
  • Long and short signals
  • Member-only pages
  • Daily trade reports
  • Position size calculator
  • BONUS: TR150 watchlist
  • Get 2 months free choosing annual!

Please note: bonus TR150 Watchlist access is granted to active Roundtable memberships. Cancellation of your Roundtable membership will end your TR150 Watchlist access. Looking for a trial before you commit? Test drive all three of our trading systems for 14-days, just $1. No auto-enrollment and no strings attached. Sign up here.

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