Brian Lund — Live episode sharing market analysis & answering your questions

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Smarter Trading Podcast Episode 19

Hello everybody, our guest today is Brian Lund, a fintech executive, investor, and writer with over 35 years of trading experience.

Brian is the publisher of The Lund Loop, a weekly newsletter in which he writes about the intersection between markets, trading, and life.

In this special live episode of Smarter Trading, host Evan Medeiros and special guest Brian Lund, are on camera, sharing their screens, chatting about the current market environment, trade opportunities, and the psychology of market sell offs.

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Watch the interview in video here

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Key learning points & timestamps

  • 0:00 Stream waiting
  • 0:39 Introduction
  • 3:40 Putting the current correction into context
  • 6:20 Diving into the technicals of the current market
  • 10:10 Measuring social sentiment
  • 15:00 Trading futures and balancing reward versus stress ratio
  • 18:50 Crypto trading, infrastructure risks, & risk management
  • 25:00 Pot stocks overview: charts, technicals, and industry
  • 34:30 Trading the defensive areas of the market
  • 36:50 Shorting the market and finding bearish bets
  • 44:50 Relief rally; what the Fed is doing; fundamental data
  • 49:40 Chart analysis: EEM, FXI, & PINS
  • 52:40 Distorted valuations and anchoring on prior price levels

Highlight clip: Optimizing your stress-adjusted trading returns

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Evan Medeiros

Evan is the founder of the Trade Risk. With 25 years of coding experience and a B.S. in computer science, Evan brings a systematic discipline to investing in the stock market.

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  1. Dave Lacy on 7:34 am February 6, 2022 at 7:34 am

    Guess I didn’t find useful information going forward from here dealing with equities in current market.

    Did agree your comments on rotation! Stayed in my long term growth stocks. Don’t agree with Cramer and pundits regarding this. Of course, I am down but will pass with time? Always comes back!

    Like definitions of:
    Counter trading

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