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Leadership Watchlist


The leadership watchlist is a weekly curated list of top-performing stock market leaders. Stocks make this list by passing a strict set of technical criteria focusing on long term trends and top percentile sales and EPS growth.



Every trader needs a source of high quality trade candidates and the Leadership Watchlist represents The Trade Risk’s  selection.

The watchlist aims to identify stocks that have been consistently pushing the major averages higher and holding up best in the face of market volatility. The names on this list are designed to be long term persistent performers for months and years to come.


We’ve developed a set of custom scans that filter the entire universe of stocks based on the following criteria:

  • Trade sufficient volume (300k+ average shares per day)
  • Higher beta growth names (no REITs, staples, energy stocks, etc)
  • Strong persistent uptrends in place
  • Above market average sales and/or EPS growth
  • Not stratospherically extended to the upside

Each weekend the scans are run in search for new candidates and to remove existing stocks that no longer fit the demanding criteria from above. On average, there are 50 to 100 names on this list at any given time, largely influenced by the health of the overall market.


  • Purchase includes lifetime access to the watchlist.
  • Every Sunday the list is refreshed and ready to go for the week ahead.
  • The watchlist is available 24/7 on The Trade Risk and the names can easily be highlighted, copied, and pasted into your own TC2000 watchlist, broker, Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Bonus: A shorter “actionable” list of breakout levels to watch for are also curated on a weekly basis.

This is a one time purchase for lifetime access and updates to the watchlist. This watchlist is also made available free with active premium swing trade alert memberships.

Any questions? Contact us.

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