The Trade Risk 150 Watchlist


The Trade Risk 150 is a weekly curated list of high quality growth and earnings producing stocks. Stocks make this list by passing a unique set of criteria incorporating fundamentals, technicals, and sequence of returns.



Every trader needs a source of high-quality trade ideas and the TR150 represents the Trade Risk’s exclusive stock market universe for its trading strategies. Stocks in this list have been selected based on their future potential to persistently trend higher and outperform the market in the months ahead.

How does it work

We’ve developed a set of custom scans and unique criteria that filter the entire universe of US stocks down to the highest opportunity candidates. Some of the conditions include:

  • Trade sufficient volume (250k+ average shares per day)
  • Top percentile sales growth and/or earnings profitability
  • Strong and persistent long-term price uptrend
  • The Trade Risk’s unique sequence of returns criteria based on the academic paper: Frog in the Pan: Continuous Information and Momentum by Da, Gurun and Warachka.
  • Stocks in this list are ranked and ordered by quality

What makes this stock list different?

What makes the TR150 watchlist different is that we take a quantitative approach to curating our stocks and place a significant weighting on the quality of the individual stock’s trend. A few other notes:

  • This isn’t a list made up of only widely known FAANG and other mega-cap leaders. The TR150 includes lots of undiscovered stocks starting at just 100 million in market cap.
  • This isn’t a list made up of only technology and software growth names, you should expect other industries like real estate, consumer services, and utility stocks.

How you can use the TR150 watchlist

The way we use this watchlist internally at the Trade Risk, is as a starting point for our trading systems. If a stock isn’t on this list, our systems won’t trade it. Please note, as confident as we are with the names on this list, we recommend you still have a strategy, setup, or scan, that you utilize to refine your timing to make buy/sell decisions.

If you don’t have a strategy for buying and selling stocks, consider signing up for the Merlin Trading System which generates buy/sell signals based on TR150 stocks (also gives you access to this list). If you’re more of a DIY trader, pick up some scans from our store and point them against the TR150 for the best results.

Whether you are a trend follower, swing trader, or day trader, we believe using the TR150 as your source of stocks will maximize your trading edge.


  • Purchase includes lifetime access and updates to the TR150 watchlist.
  • Every weekend the list is refreshed and curated for the week ahead.
  • The TR150 contains at most 150 stocks at any one time, but there can be fewer during periods of market weakness.
  • The TR150 is available 24/7 on the Trade Risk in a fully interactive table with the ability to search, sort, and filter the watchlist.
  • You can copy and paste the watchlist from our site directly into Microsoft Excel with ease.

Purchase Notes

Please do not checkout as a guest when purchasing the TR150 watchlist, you will need an account (username and password) so you can log in and access the watchlist after completing payment.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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