TC2000 Bollinger Band Squeeze Scan


The TC2000 Bollinger Band squeeze scan will help you find stocks moving sideways before their next expansion and breakout phase.


The TC2000 Bollinger Band squeeze scan is a timeless volatility contraction pattern that traders have been using for decades to find stocks ready to move.

How does it work

Bollinger Bands are a popular technical analysis indicator that plots a channel around price that dynamically contracts (tightens) and expands (widens) based on the recent trend and volatility of the price series.  During quiet sideways trading Bollinger Bands squeeze together, which helps traders identify windows of opportunity, before the next expansion and breakout phase for the stock.

The Bollinger Band squeeze scan uses standard (2, 20) indicator settings.


  • Purchase includes exact PCF code and setup instructions
  • Scan be used on all time frames, not just the daily chart
  • Purchase includes additional scan criteria:
    • Average daily volume filter
    • Bullish trend filter
    • Bearish trend filter
  • Can be used on all versions of TC2000.
  • Can be combined with other criteria to improve accuracy

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Bearish, Bullish


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