TC2000 Tight Highs Scan


The TC2000 Tight Highs Scan is designed to identify a tight short-term cluster of recent highs signaling clear resistance and an ideal breakout level to monitor for a trade.


The TC2000 tight highs scan is a great way to find short-term breakout opportunities in stocks that have repeatedly rallied to nearby highs but haven’t been able to hold them and break out.

How Does It Work

This scan looks for stocks that are forming a tight cluster of highs over recent bars. We take into account the underlying stocks volatility and average range to get a reasonable measurement of “tight”.

This means the scan adapts to find high quality lower beta stocks that have the potential to breakout as well as higher growth/volatile names that move around a lot more.

It’s designed to be a bullish scan that will alert traders of a tight consolidation and possible breakout before the breakout happens.

The scan also includes a filter to make sure the stock is already in an established uptrend for added confidence in the potential momentum surge. This is a bullish scan that is designed for the daily time-frame but it could be adapted for any interval.


  • Purchase includes exact PCF code and setup instructions.
  • Purchase includes additional recommended scan criteria:
    • Minimum daily volume.
    • Bullish trend filter.
  • Can be used on all versions of TC2000.
  • Can be combined with other criteria to improve accuracy.
  • Stack the odds in your favor by using this scan against our vetted leadership stock watchlist.


For just $10 more you can get 2 scans, this Tight Highs Scan and its bear version equivalent when you purchase the Tight Highs Lows Bundle package.

Any questions? Contact us.

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