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Welcome to our TC2000 store where you'll find a variety of custom stock scans and indicators that will help you curate the ideas and patterns you care about for your trading watchlist. Every purchase comes with exact code and setup instructions. Not yet a Worden TC2000 user? Get their latest promotional offer using our referral code. Click on any thumbnail below to learn more about the scan or use the filters on the left to narrow down your search. 

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  • The Trade Risk 150 Watchlist Product Image

    The Trade Risk 150 Watchlist


    The Trade Risk 150 is a weekly curated list of growth stocks with high future return potential. Stocks make this list by passing a unique set of criteria focusing on growth, long term trends, and sequence of returns. Learn more.
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  • The Trade Risk Position Size Calculator Product Image

    Position Size Calculator


    The position size calculator is an absolute time saver and a must-have resource for all swing and position traders.  The goal is to leave you with a meaningful yet responsible amount of exposure in your trades so that you can sleep easy at night. Learn more.
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