TC2000 RSI Divergence Indicator


The TC2000 RSI Divergence Indicator is a must have for anyone who uses momentum divergences to make trading decisions.



Say goodbye to subjective analysis trying to figure out when there’s momentum divergence or not.

The TC2000 RSI Divergence Indicator instantly brings to your attention divergences between what RSI momentum is showing and where price is headed in real-time so you never miss an opportunity.

About RSI Divergence

RSI Divergence is a powerful technical signal that tells you when there is disagreement between what price is doing and what the Relative Strength Index (RSI) Indicator is doing.

These are important windows of time because they give us insights into the conviction or urgency behind a market move. When price moves in one direction while the RSI heads in the other direction, it indicates that the trend is weakening and has higher odds of breaking down and reversing.

How does it work

There are lots of ways to define what momentum divergence looks like and so we took a conservative but more reliable approach of pointing out the clear disagreements.  We believe our unique approach to determining divergence is powerful, particularly when used in combination with our other scans and/or timing techniques.

How to use it

There are many ways to apply the RSI Divergence Indicator, some of which include:

  • A better way to prepare for counter-trend trades
  • A better way to enter the prevailing trend by using this indicator on a lower time-frame
  • Additional context about the underlying market
  • For signaling and strategy purposes
  • No more subjective analysis for divergences


  • Purchase includes exact indicator PCF code and video setup instructions
  • 3 different ways to display RSI divergence
  • Coded to work seamlessly for all time-frames

Minimum requirements

  • Worden TC2000 gold subscription running software version 20.0 or higher

We have one other divergence indicator

We have another divergence indicator available in our store using MACD. Both indicators goals are the same: to uncover momentum divergences. Sometimes these divergence indicators line up at the same time and in other cases, they show up at different points. Both work well, so deciding which is right for you comes down to personal preference. We currently have a promotion, if you purchase 1 indicator, you can get the second at a discount.

Any questions? Contact us.

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