TC2000 Smart Trend Filters


Smart Trend Filters are a custom price & volume based indicator that measure the trend of any stock or ETF. They come equipped with a unique color coded display based on underlying trend strength.



Smart Trend Filters are the Trade Risk’s preferred indicator for analyzing a stock’s trend using price and volume. They are highly adaptive to recent price action and the real magic comes from the color-coded display to signal trend strength.

How it works

Smart Trend Filters look and feel like traditional moving averages, however, there are numerous improvements that make them much more intelligent and useful than their simple average counterpart.

  • Volume is used in their calculation
  • Dots are plotted to measure separation and angle from bar to bar
  • There is a color coding display to help the trader assess the strength and possible transition points

How to use this indicator

There are many ways to apply Smart Trend Filters, some of which include:

  • A better way to trend follow markets
  • Context and direction when discretionary trading
    • Easily know when the trend is strongest
    • Easily know when the trend is likely to pause and then continue
    • Easily know when the trend is likely to pause and then reverse
  • For signaling and strategy purposes


  • Purchase includes exact indicator PCF code and video setup instructions
  • Designed specifically for daily and weekly time-frame charts
  • Coded to work seamlessly for all time-frames

Minimum requirements

  • TC2000 gold subscription running software version 20.0
  • There must be a volume component to the stock/asset you are charting for this indicator to display

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