Worden TC2000 introduction to scanning — No coding required (Part I)

In this video, we are talking all about scanning in TC2000, specifically the no-code version of building condition sets, adjusting properties, and using built-in indicators to scan for your favorite stocks and setups. This is Part I of our video series on scanning, so if you want more on this topic, keep an eye out for Part II.

This lesson was recorded as a video walkthrough guide so you can visually follow the key strokes and duplicate everything that we do on your own workstation. We included timestamps below so if you want to jump around to a topic you’re interested in, you know where to look. Please enjoy!

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Video timestamps

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:20 TC2000 is the king of real-time on demand scanning
  • 2:50 Why scan for stocks period?
  • 4:08 Constructing your first stock scan
  • 5:38 Adding pre-built conditions to your condition set
  • 7:35 Adding a price condition and adjusting its properties
  • 14:55 Adding a child indicator (moving average) to price history
  • 19:55 Adding volume conditions to your scan
  • 22:55 Mixed timeframe scanning
  • 26:20 Linking scan time-frames for automatic updates
  • 28:05 Refresh scan interval choices & select date on chart
  • 30:25 Building scans from your chart & from watchlists
  • 31:50 Final thoughts and wrap up

Don’t forget, we have a lot more TC2000 guides as well as custom scans, indicators, and a whole lot more across our website.

Have a great day and good luck trading!

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Evan Medeiros

Evan is the founder of the Trade Risk. With 25 years of coding experience and a B.S. in computer science, Evan brings a systematic discipline to investing in the stock market.

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