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Buy Stop Limit Orders For Swing Traders

Buy Stop Orders For Swing Traders Splash

Buy stop limit orders for swing traders covers the basics of how a buy stop limit order works and how it fits into the execution process of a swing trading strategy like the one we implement here at The Trade Risk.   What is a buy stop Limit order?

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Scanning for Breakout Setups using Worden TC2000 PCF

Splash Image Scanning For Breakout Setups Using Worden TC200 PCF

Scanning for Breakout Setups using Worden TC2000 PCF is a guide for traders using TC2000 who are looking to find stocks that are breaking out and increasing in momentum. We’ll walk through a few different scan ideas, explain the thought process, and share all of the code that goes into each condition. The basis of…

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High Stakes Area of Support Under Siege

The action today to kick off the second quarter of 2018 was about as ugly as it gets. SPX -2.23% QQQ -2.89% IWM -2.44% But despite today’s selling, the S&P500 is still trying to hold on to this high stakes area of support around this 2580 level which is precisely where buyers emerged in early…

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Chart Pattern Trading Advice From a 20+ Year Professional

Splash Image - Chart Pattern Trading Advice From a 20+ Year Professional

Chart pattern trading falls under the category of technical analysis and represents one of the more popular approaches to making buy and sell decisions using charts. We as humans love forming patterns in all areas of our lives and analyzing price charts is no different. I don’t personally consider myself a chart pattern trader, but…

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5 Bull Trade Setups For The Week of March 5th

Stocks finished strongly positive on the day after starting off in the red with a lower gap open. This was a bullish follow-through day after buyers staged a reversal last Friday. We’re not out of the woods yet, the S&P500 still has plenty of recent supply to break through in this 272 to 274 area,…

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A Collection of Indicators In Extreme Territory

Monday, February 5th was an impressive session for markets: The S&P500 finally exceeded a 5% pullback (first time in a 12months+) The S&P500 went red on the year after being up nearly 6% in January The S&P500 saw the heaviest volume since 2016 (almost 300M shares)

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How to Trade Stocks Using Daily Closing Prices

How To Trade Daily Closing Prices - Splash Image

How to trade stocks using daily closing prices walks through the best practices, tips, and recommendations for implementing a strategy that uses daily closing prices for its signals. If you’re thinking about giving up intraday trading and extending your time-frame or if you’re a long-term investor looking for an active strategy to manage risk, this…

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