Trading 101 Lessons

How to Trade Meme Stocks

Meme stock trading has become a very emotional topic for a lot of traders. If you’ve been trading for a long time, then chances are, you think of meme stocks as a joke or a passing fad that won’t be around for much longer. If you’re brand new to markets, then you probably want to…

Position Size Versus Stop Loss Tug of War

A couple of weeks ago, I had a Skype consultation with “Bill.” He’s a new trader who started over the past few months but not a stranger to markets, having actively invested in mutual funds and his retirement for a long time. On our call, we covered a wide range but there was one topic…

End of Day Trading Frequently Asked Questions

Ever ask someone that trades what kind of trader they are? If so, you’ll probably hear a response like this… I’m a day trader. I’m a trend follower. I’m a quant. I trade ETFs. I’m a mean reversion trader. I’m a swing trader. ….

How to Make FinTwit Work for You & Suggested Traders to Follow

Gone are the days where the retail trader was limited to cable networks or expensive private subscriptions for news and discussions about stocks throughout the day.

Commissions and Taxes Are Destroying Your Trading Profits

Eighteen thousand three hundred and sixty-four dollars. That was the total cost of commissions I paid to Scottrade when I just started trading. My trading account was around twenty-five thousand.

How to Get Started Swing Trading Stocks

How to Get Started Swing Trading Stocks is an introductory guide for new traders looking to get active in the stock market. We start right at the basics — defining what exactly swing trading is and why someone would want to adopt this trading style — and then dive into all of the important high-level…

How Moving Averages Can Simplify Your Trading

If you’ve ever looked at a stock chart before you’ve likely already encountered these things called moving averages. They’re the most common indicators technical traders include on their charts and they’re used to assist in analyzing price. They come in all colors, exist on all time-frames, and move in a variety of speeds. Throughout this article…

Trading with Profit Targets – The Pros and Cons

photo by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig Before you even think about taking your next trade you better first assess your risk to reward ratio to make sure the trade is worth taking. Isn’t that what the trading books tell us we need to do?