Trading Books

Evan's recommended trading books, all of which had a strong positive influence throughout his trading journey.

For the experienced traders

The classic, must-read, Market Wizard series by Jack Schwager where he interviews the world’s top traders. Decades later, these books still hold up and shed light on how pros crushed the market averages.

Al Brooks technical analysis of price action for the serious trader series built the foundation for how I learned to read price action. These are dense books, and a bit advanced, but well worth the reads for serious traders.

For newer traders

Brian Shannon’s book on technical analysis using multiple time-frames is one of the best for explaining market structure and simple trading strategies. If you are new to trading, this is a great well-rounded book.

Two timeless classics with loads of market wisdom by Edwin Lefevre and Nicolas Darvas. Reminiscences of a stock operator is required reading for all traders.

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