Merlin Strategy Performance for December 2019

Our Merlin swing trading strategy kicked off its live track record November 2019 and in this post we’ll cover the recent performance since that time. To learn more about the strategy and to follow along in real-time with its trading signals, please visit the Merlin strategy page.


Merlin Trading Performance November

Strategy November
Merlin Margin +8.19%
60/40 Benchmark +1.89%


Closed Trades Return on Signal R-Multiple
ADBE +10.60% +1.81
PRO +18.86% +1.50


Merlin Trading Performance December

Strategy December
Merlin Margin +5.42%
60/40 Benchmark +1.37%


Closed Trades Return on Signal R-Multiple
VEEV +5.07% +0.50
SHOP +19.44% +1.45
SSW +16.48% +1.50
LGIH +4.03% +0.50
MTCH +9.40% +1.50
NEM +13.18% +1.50
RDUS -11.76% -1.0


Performance Disclosure: The strategy performance numbers above are presented mark-to-market based on live trading with an Interactive Brokers Pro account. This includes 0.05c per share commissions, margin borrow costs when applicable, and full impact of slippage. Strategy returns include open trades that have not yet closed out or become realized gains or losses. Please remember, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, please review our disclaimer.


Performance Commentary

We couldn’t have picked a better time to launch the strategy.

It was a monster 2 month return for Merlin beating the returns of the benchmark and doing so with very little volatility and draw-down. The strategy has been accumulating as much risk as it can get its hands on and utilizing margin for most of December. The number of open positions heading into the new year remains high, but many initial targets have been achieved and stops raised to protect from the inevitable market pullback.

You can find out more about the Merlin strategy here.

Evan Medeiros

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