Trading Systems Performance for November 2020

Below is a performance summary for our trading strategies for the month of November 2020, net of transaction costs. To learn more about the strategies and to follow along in real-time with their signals, please visit the Trading Systems page.

System performance for November

Strategy November Year to Date
Merlin +12.40% +8.10%
Lamorak -1.36% +24.57%
60/40 Benchmark +6.66% +12.59%

See Performance Disclosures: Monthly Performance.


Merlin closed trades in November

Closed Trades Return on Signal R-Multiple
MDB 28.79% 1.5
LABU 60.16% 1.5
OTRK -21.29% -1
IIVI 33.14% 1.5
GOLD -9.60% -1
MRNA 38.18% 1.54
RPAY 7.20% 0.51
TW 13.54% 1.5
MRSN 31.96% 1.5
ACMR 29.42% 1.5
DRNA 21.28% 1.5
ZNGA 15.42% 1.5


Merlin varies position size based on the individual stock, so R-Multiples are important measures of account impact.


Lamorak closed trades in November

Closed Trades Return on Signal
WFC -9.17%
TMO 0.54%
RTX -3.74%
CRM 1.76%
LBTYK 0.59%
ALL -1.00%
MRNA -10.45%
LSXMK -1.19%
GS -0.28%
AXP 7.18%
BA 2.26%
RTX 3.50%
GD 0.24%
MAR 6.88%
CVS 0.42%
MS -6.49%
ACN -2.53%
CDW -4.34%
CSX 10.08%
CTXS 0.43%
LOW -2.78%
CTAS 4.46%
ORLY 1.13%
NKE -4.26%
MDLZ -4.14%


Lamorak equal weights position size across all trades, so no R-Multiple are necessary to compare signal profitability.


Merlin commentary

Merlin posted its best month since 2018 pulling in +12.40% for November. This was good enough to finally push year to date performance back into positive territory at +8.10%. It’s a good reminder that following (and sticking with) a trading system or process is so important — you’ll never know in advance when your strategy will fall back into sync with the market.


Lamorak commentary

Lamorak, on the other hand, took a breather for the month of November. It traded actively but couldn’t get any consistent traction on its trades and closed lower by -1.36%.

This highlights one of the lessons we discuss with subscribers, which is the value of having multiple unique return streams, in our case, the Merlin and Lamorak trading systems. If you allocate to both systems, one will often pick up the slack while the other takes a rest.

If you’re looking for professional evidence-based strategies to help you trade individual stocks and ETFs, visit our Trading Systems page to learn more.

Evan Medeiros

Evan is the founder of the Trade Risk. With 25 years of coding experience and a B.S. in computer science, Evan brings a systematic discipline to investing in the stock market.

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