TC2000 New IPO Stocks Layout


The TC2000 New IPO Stocks Layout is the perfect solution for traders who want to track and trade the latest stocks hitting the public market.



Tracking and trading new stocks that are just hitting secondary markets through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) can be a fantastic way to gain an edge in the stock market and participate in price discovery. IPOs have always provided a great source of opportunity for traders but the hardest part is tracking what’s coming to market and quickly analyzing those stocks in time to plan your trade.

That’s why we’ve created the TC2000 IPO Stocks Layout. We want to help you quickly find IPOs from the very first day they begin trading and have alongside all of the relevant company and technical information you need to make informed trade decisions.

How it works

When a company first hits the secondary market, they are in their honeymoon phase where big outsized moves can happen as the market gets a feel for pricing, flows, analyst ratings, etc. Here’s a perfect example from our IPO layout of a clean trending move higher from KNF’s IPO day:

TC2000 IPO Layout - Image KNF stock example

Spotting names like the KNF example above will be easy since they will automatically populate into a watchlist with a green checkmark next to their IPO status. As you’re browsing through your list of IPOs, the next critical part is understanding more about the developing behavior of each stock. Here’s what we have for custom IPO watchlist columns to help with that:

TC2000 IPO Layout - Image of watchlist

This layout also segments IPOs into multiple watchlists depending on how long a stock has been public in order to give you greater control over the list of stocks you’re tracking. The three lists are:

  • 1-month or less
  • 6-months or less
  • 1-year or less

There’s a lot more to say about this layout, including more IPO examples, and explanations behind the column headers, so we recommend you watch the following demonstration video to get more details.

How to use this layout

There are many ways to incorporate the TC2000 New IPOs Layout, some of which include:

  • Easily identify the latest stock market IPOs
  • Segment recent IPOs based on how long they have been trading
  • Quickly assess the character of new stocks through custom watchlist columns
  • Get a pulse on liquidity and the number of new stocks coming to market every week


  • Easy to install — no need to touch any code
  • Optimized for version 23+ of TC2000, but it’s also backwards compatible

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