TC2000 Sector & Industry Layout


The TC2000 Sector and Industry Layout is a fast and efficient way to highlight groups of stocks in the market that are making noteworthy moves.



Level up your stock market analysis and uncover the groups of stocks in the market that are making notable moves. This layout will help you get a precise picture of where money is flowing and what themes in the market are worth paying attention to.

How it works

First, you’ll receive a custom watchlist. This TC2000 combo list contains all of the SPDR Sector ETFs (12 in total) and all of the TC2000 Industry Indices (142 in total). This custom watchlist serves as our universe to scan for noteworthy movement.

We also included two custom watchlist columns for helpful context about the sector/industry trend. We provide easy-to-read dots signaling whether or not the symbol is above a 50SMA and a 200SMA.

TC2000 Sector & Industry Layout - Image of watchlist

We then apply multiple scans to our custom watchlist filled with criteria used to identify notable or unusual movements based on price, volume, and volatility. We personally like to review this layout every Friday after the close to prepare ourselves for the week ahead, but you can adjust the time-frame of these scans to anything you prefer.

Here are a few examples of this layout and how we like to analyze the information from our recent stock market analysis videos:

How to use this layout

There are many ways to incorporate the TC2000 Sector and Industry Layout, some of which include:

  • A fast and efficient way to see what sectors and industries of the market are currently being bought and sold
  • Understand broad equity market flows and what’s in and out of favor
  • Research and plan potential trade ideas


  • Easy to install — no need to touch any code
  • Scans can be adjusted to work across all time-frames
  • Can be used on all versions of TC2000

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Please note: all sales are final. This is an instant digital download and you will receive the source code immediately upon purchase. We encourage you to contact us prior to check out if you have any questions about this layout. Thank you for your understanding!

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