TC2000 Strongest & Weakest Stocks Layout


The TC2000 Strongest & Weakest Stocks Layout will help you efficiently identify stocks that have been performing best over recent days, weeks, & months.



Every trader’s goal is to get long stocks before they make a big move. This is why technical chart patterns and stock scans are so important — to boost the probabilities of finding stocks ready to rally.

However, there’s another path a trader can take to identify stocks ready to move, and it’s by tracking stocks climbing the relative performance list so that you can get involved in the stock before it turns into a big market leader. This is what the TC2000 Strongest & Weakest Stocks Layout will help you do —  efficiently identify the stocks that have been leading over recent days, weeks, and months.

How it works

This layout was built to look at the stock market through the lens of its individual sectors and sub-industries. This will help you target a much more precise view of the strongest and weakest stocks in each segment of the market. We include the 11 official TC2000 sectors and then over 140 sub-industries to narrow down your stock leaders and laggards even further.

Once you select the sector you want to analyze you’ll see all kinds of helpful interactive watchlist columns that you can click on to sort returns over a handful of time periods.

TC2000 Strongest & Weakest Stocks Layout - Image of stock returns

Helpful trend data is presented to you to sort or narrow down the stocks you’re most interested in. Want stocks that are up big on the day while also trading above the 50SMA? Identify them easily.

TC2000 Strongest & Weakest Stocks Layout - Image of stock trends

There’s a lot more to say about this layout, including additional column headers not shown above, so we recommend you watch the following demonstration video to get more details.

How to use this layout

There are many ways to incorporate the TC2000 Strongest & Weakest Stocks Layout, some of which include:

  • Easily identify the strongest and weakest sectors and sub-industries in the stock market
  • Drill down and find the strongest and weakest stocks within specific sectors and industries
  • Relative strength and relative weakness lists
  • Watchlist curation and trade idea generation


  • Easy to install — no need to touch any code
  • Optimized for version 23+ of TC2000 but it can be used on older versions

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