TC2000 Ultimate Swing Trader Layout


The TC2000 Ultimate Swing Trader Layout is the must-have dashboard for swing traders looking to analyze market conditions and uncover actionable trade ideas.



The TC2000 Ultimate Swing Trader Layout comes with everything you need to swing trade the US stock market like a pro. It includes a total of 10 custom watchlist columns,  6 scans, and a handful of configured technical indicators to give you the perfect drill-down view of markets.

How it works

There are a lot of different custom watchlists, views, and scans packed into this one layout so let’s discuss some of the features one by one.

On the left-hand side, we have a handful of important watchlists that are tracking notable markets. We’ll start with our US Averages watchlist which will be a great place to begin your analysis each day.

We make at-a-glance performance easy to understand with our color-coded custom columns that display performance (%) over important swing trading time-frames. We also display the current 52-week high drawdown (%) for you to easily measure market pullbacks and corrections.

TC2000 Ultimate Swing Trader Layout - Image of US Averages Watchlist

Next, you can tab over to our Macro Factors watchlist where you’ll find another helpful grid to get a pulse on the market. It has unique watchlist columns which display the # of consecutive days up/down which is particularly useful, for instance, when you’re placing a trade, and can quickly see what the behavior of the VIX has been over the past few days or US Dollar strength/weakness.

TC2000 Ultimate Swing Trader Layout - Image of Macro Factors Watchlist

In terms of swing trade ideas, we included 3 bullish stock scans for long ideas and 3 bearish stock scans for short ideas.

TC2000 Ultimate Swing Trader Layout - Image of Bullish Scans

These should give you great starting points to find current market-leading stocks as well as actionable momentum and trend opportunities. For more details about these scans and the 3 chart types and sector watchlist, check out the following demonstration video:

How to use this layout

This TC2000 layout is made for traders who are swing trading the stock market:

  • A perfect way to start your swing trading day
  • At-a-glance visual of market performance
  • At-a-glance overview of macro-impacting forces
  • At-a-glance comparison of relative sector performance
  • Six targeted scans to find leading and actionable long and short trade ideas
  • Pre-built chart layouts for market breadth analysis, relative stock strength, and more


  • Easy to install — no need to touch any code
  • Enjoy 10 custom watchlist columns and 6 scans
  • Can be used on all versions of TC2000

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