TC2000 Rolling Returns Layout


The TC2000 Rolling Returns Layout is designed to help you quickly size up stocks, identify meaningful moves, and uncover potential exhaustion points.



The TC2000 Rolling Returns Layout packs 5 custom indicators and watchlist columns into one screen. It’ll help you find trade opportunities, highlight risks, and give context on stocks across any time-frame.

How it works

There are a lot of different indicators and views packed into this one layout, so let’s describe them one by one.

First, we display rolling returns plotted as an indicator over two different look-back periods. Why are rolling returns important? Because they give us context about the current market sentiment and put recent moves into historical context.

TC2000 Rolling Returns Layout - image of Rolling Returns Indicator

Our next indicator displays a stock’s movement relative to its Average True Range (ATR). Instead of saying a stock moved 3 points or 2%, we can now say a stock moved 2 ATRs. This is important because it instantly puts the move into context.

When we reference a 2% move, we don’t know if that’s a big move or a small one. It would be a big move for the US Dollar but it would be small if we’re referring to a micro-cap recent IPO. By using ATR as our denominator we immediately know whether the move is big or small and more importantly, meaningful. It’s also easier to spot possible climactic turning points such as those circled below:

TC2000 Rolling Returns Layout - image of ATR movement

Notice, we follow the same logic for volume and display daily volume based on averages. When there’s a spike to 2X the ordinary volume or a drop below 0.5 average, we know we should pay attention.

For a more detailed overview, watch the following video which talks more about these indicators as well as the custom watchlist columns we’ve built in this layout for finding opportunities and sorting:

How to use this layout

There are many ways to incorporate the TC2000 Rolling Returns Layout, some of which include:

  • A fast and efficient way to see what stocks are making meaningful moves (big or small)
  • Context for how far and fast a stock has come over time


  • Easy to install — no need to touch any code
  • Enjoy 5 custom indicators and watchlist columns in one
  • Can be used on all versions of TC2000
  • Can be used across all time-frames

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